About Us

Now is the time to say goodbye to long queues, with Efendim apps, all you have to do is to order whatever you want and in a matter of minutes it’ll be delivered to your doorstep, all with compliance, highest standards of safety and high-end service.

Who are we?

Efendim is a start-up company that provides technical solutions in various fields for the benefit of both individuals and society alike. Our mission is to reconcile modern technologies with the daily life of everyone.

Where did the idea of Efendim come from?

Efendim came initially to fill a gap in the market, in many cases, regular users suffer in order to shop and buy the supplies/services they need, especially if these products and services aren’t very popular, for this reason, the Efendim application came to create a link between the user and the different service providers.

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Quick facts about Efendim

Our vision is to save you more time by allowing you to order whatever whenever you want

Our goal is to make you say: How beautiful is technology, and how beautiful Efendim applications are!

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More than 200 restaurants, supermarkets, and various stores.

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An extensive team of delivery drivers at your disposal

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Exclusive coupons and discounts every day

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Endless advantages and continuous development of our services