Terms Of Use

Efendim provides all information, tools and services available to you through the website and the application (hereinafter referred to as “Efendim” or “the application” or “we” or “our”) in accordance with these terms and conditions and the policy they contain Usage, privacy policy and all other policies in compliance with all laws in force in Türkiye and Algeria respectively, this policy applies to all of our services.



Please read this policy very carefully to make sure you understand each clause before using the application, as it affects your legal rights. By accessing or using any part of the application, you agree to be bound by the terms of this policy.

If you do not agree to all the terms of this policy, then you may not access the application or use any services.



We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to:


Amending, changing or updating these terms and conditions at any time, and you shall be bound by any updates that occur to them.


 Deny any user access to the application or services.


Suspending offending user accounts.


 Making changes to the application or charging fees for services in the future.

1.2.5. Modify or block the application, either temporarily or permanently, without notice.



The legal scope of services


Https://apps.efendim.biz website and applications are launched (Efendim) is owned by Efendim and it is registered with the Ministry of Trade

In the country of Türkiye, Commercial registration No. 265356-5 and its address is in Esenyurt Square 34513, Istanbul – Türkiye.
In Algeria under the name of Efendim Ap Commercial registration No. 22B1050754 and its address is in El mohammadia mall, el djenina, 4eme etage bureau N74, N1168, El mohammadia, Algiers


Efendim apply

An electronic platform that works on android and iOS systems, and it is an electronic platform that connects service seekers (customers) who desire In requesting services available in the application (for example, ordering food from restaurants or products from stores and stores) and their delivery through service providers (delivery agents) those who provide delivery service for orders requested by customers through the partner (restaurants And stores).

It is also an electronic platform that connects service seekers (Clients) and between service providers (cleaning, carpentry, and plumbing), where the customer can request maintenance services at his home or at the sites specified by the customer in advance.


Efendim is only a link between service seekers (clients) and service providers

It is not a delivery service company, logistical services, store, etc., so it is not responsible responsibility for any irregularities between the customer and the service provider.


According to the Efendim policies published on the app (“The Policies”) This Agreement is a valid and complete contract the legal conditions and elements, enforceable in the face of all the aforementioned parties, and its provisions his obligations are binding on all of them, and no one may waive or terminate them as long as they are produced

legal implications.



Access to the services app


User is responsible for all access special hardware, software, and other equipment needed to access the app, use the services, and all expenses related to this, including Internet connection fees.


You agree to comply with any and all instructions, notices and rules and operating policies and instructions related to the use of services and / or access to the application, and we reserve the right to review them at any time, and are considered aware of any changes to the above when posted to the app.


Granted licenses

We grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-licensable, and revocable license

It is not transferable for:


Accessing and using the application and services for your personal purposes.


Access to or use of any related content, information, or materials that you may be available through the Services only for personal, non-commercial use.


Any rights not expressly granted to you in this the agreement is reserved by the company Efendim and its licensors.



User accounts and conditions Efendim provides three types of accounts, and each account requires the following:


Account for service seekers (clients)


 Register with correct and accurate data and choose a name It is legal and expresses the true identity and is not intended to mislead or offend.


Comply with all laws, terms and conditions, etc. It contains policies when using the application and services.


Provide us with an effective mobile number and a valid email to follow up on requests.


Dealing with service providers according to rules and principles ethics and respect.


Commitment to reliability and seriousness when requesting service In dealing and not wasting the time of service providers.


The obligation to share your geographic location when request delivery service.


Commitment to pay service fees required, and in the event of non-payment, it will be blocked from the application until paid.


 In the case of a request from the delivery representative to purchase products obligated to pay for the orders he ordered and delivery fees.


Take full responsibility for the introduction and correctness address of order delivery.


Acknowledgment that it is an independent contractor with the service providers, and that Efendim is not responsible for completing the request


Evaluates the performance of the service provider and agrees not to use the evaluation feature to violate, blackmail, or in writing any of the rights of the service provider bad language against him or any other unacceptable behavior. And if this is done, the app has the right to delete or amend or keep the content of written material in the evaluation or take legal action

against him.


Restaurant and store account


Registration in the trade name, and to provide us with the data the following (address, name of the commercial registry, commercial registration number, attach a copy of the commercial registry).


Provide us with an effective mobile number and email right.


A pledge that all permits have been issued

and the necessary licenses for practicing electronic commerce in accordance with applicable laws and regulations In the country, and a pledge to keep all documents indicating that.


Ensure that you have all rights, powers, and permits legal to sell food or products.


Service provider account


General conditions in service providers

Dealing with clients according to the rules and principles of ethics and respect.

Provide us with an effective mobile number and a valid email to follow up on requests.

Submit the required papers and official documents that prove identity when requested.

A pledge to provide the service legally and legitimately, and not to use the service or the application for the purpose of harming, harassing, or bothering anyone.

Commitment to seriousness and commitment to implement services without any default or errors.

The obligation not to commit any unlawful or unlawful acts in the place of implementation of the service.

Carrying out the responsibilities and obligations arising from their execution

Services via the Efendim application, and be in charge facing other parties for any damages that arise to them as a result of any default or mistakes that occur as a result service implementation.



Terms of delivery service provider 

Comply with all laws, terms and conditions upon use of the application and services.

Correctly register an account, and provide us with complete and accurate personal data and information the vehicle he uses (for example; name, address, attach photo of identity, attach a driver’s license photo, attach a car’s photo, attach a personal photo, any other data).

Providing an appropriate means of delivery and undertaking to extract all licenses and legal documents for the vehicle and that it was extracted from its legitimate sources without any liability to Efendim.

Possess a valid and valid driver’s license in the city in which he is based by communicating the requests therein, and acknowledging the validity and legality of this license and that it was extracted from its legitimate sources, and bears any criminal responsibility in the event that otherwise appears, and the commitment to renew it on the dates specified by law.

Commitment to maintaining the integrity of products and orders and their delivery in a timely manner good and intact condition.

Commitment to specified delivery dates.

Acknowledgment not to transport individuals during the delivery of orders, or any of the materials Its circulation and transmission is prohibited in the state.


Conditions of the provider of home business services and maintenance

Commitment to maintaining personal hygiene and decent work clothes.

Commitment to bring the complete tools necessary to provide home maintenance service.

Commitment to provide the service according to the technical specifications recognized at experienced and competent.

Commitment to maintaining the safety of the work site and the cleanliness of the place during and after the work.

Commitment to the prices specified within the application, and in the event that the customer requests any extra business off-demand must adhere to fair price.

Commitment to providing safe, high-quality spare parts at a fair price, and to bring an approved invoice to the customer.

Commitment to deliver the damaged or old part to the customer in case of change

Any piece.





availability of the service

Each partner restaurant or store has a specific delivery area, and its own working hours, this means that the availability of the service depends on the partner restaurants and stores in your area, if you try to order a delivery to a location outside your area or the working hours of the partner restaurant or store, or if the application is not available for any For any reason, you will be notified that the request will not be possible.


Submit requests


When a customer submits an order through the Efendim application, it must be accepted first by us or by the partner (the restaurant or store) before confirming it, and we will send you a notification if your order is accepted, after which the delivery representative makes offers on the order, and the customer selects the appropriate delivery representative according to The price or evaluation of the completion of his request.


In the event that the customer requests to purchase specific products, he must clarify the name and specifications of the product, and he shall pay the total value of the purchases to the delivery representative when it is delivered. In the event that an item is requested to be sent or received, information will also be provided the other end to the delivery person.


The customer shall provide accurate information and a correct address in the order, and the presence of an authorized person to receive the order at the specified delivery location, and in the event that the customer or the person authorized to receive the orders is not present at the specified address, then orders are not delivered to any other address.


The customer bears all legal responsibilities arising from any requests sent to an incorrectly written address.


The customer can request to purchase goods or products from the delivery representative in addition to the delivery service, and in this case the delivery representative is obliged to issue an invoice for the products he purchased and the total amount required to be paid and attach the payment receipt to the request to prove this.


The customer shall pay the total amount due for the purchase of goods and products, in addition to the delivery fees.


 The customer’s acceptance of the delivered order is deemed a complete acceptance of his received status and the products / orders become his property after paying the full sums of money.


In the event that the customer requests any of the home maintenance works, and the service provider requests spare parts for the maintenance work, he is obligated to pay the value of the spare parts based on the invoice brought by the service provider.


The customer and the delivery representative bear all consequences resulting from the performance of the service, and each of them has the right to revert to the other without any responsibility on Efendim.


Efendim administration has the right to refuse to provide any service or use of the application without stating the reasons.



Services evaluation


The customer has the right to evaluate the service provider after receiving the request. It should be an honest and not misleading evaluation.


We are committed to adding customer reviews in the application so that all customers in the future can know the quality and level of the service provider.


We reserve the right to amend, reject or remove the offending comments based on what we see appropriate.



Payment policy


Prices: Prices of services are displayed in the country’s local currency (Turkish Lira or Algerian Dinars).


Payment methods: We provide payment through the methods approved by us, which are: Cash – PayPal – Bank – Payment on receipt, and we also reserve the right to add new payment methods in the future.


Usage fees: The use of the application is free, and we are entitled, according to our sole discretion, to charge fees for using the application or services and to update them at any time.


Delivery Fees: Delivery fees vary from one place to another according to the city of each customer, and will be mentioned

Clearly before confirming the final order and in the e-mail that the customer receives in the e-mail.


Tax: The customer is obligated to pay the applicable value-added tax in the country.



Accuracy: The customer must ensure that the payment information is correct and accurate, and Efendim accepts no liability in the event that the customer makes a mistake in payment process.



behaviours basics


You agree to:


Acknowledgment of full legal capacity to enter into contracts with us and that you have reached the legal age (at least 18 years old).


Agree to the usage policy along with the privacy policy and any other rules and policies in the application.


Comply with all laws and regulations applicable in the country, and any notices sent to you through the application regarding your use of the services it provides.


Maintain the confidentiality of the account password, username, and all activities that occur under your account.


Immediately notify the application administration of any unauthorized use of the account or any breach of account and application security.


Efendim is a link between service providers and customers, so Efendim does not guarantee full service completion, and both of them are responsible for all posts and messages that take place via their account.



By using the services, you agree not to take any of the following actions:


Violating terms and conditions, or any of the applicable laws, regulations, regulations or rules.


Use the application or services in an illegal or unauthorized manner, or to cause damage to our business, our reputation, or our trademarks, or to harm service providers or other users.


Use any of our trademarks without consent, including but not limited to using them as part of your business name, screen name, or email address on services.


Impersonation of any user, restaurant, store or any other entity.


Provide inaccurate, incorrect, false or misleading information.


Restrict or prohibit any other visitor from using the application, including, without limitation, by hacking, denying service, or defacing any part of the application.


 Remove or amend any copyright or other intellectual property notices appearing in the services.


Posting unwanted electronic messages (spam) or messages that support any illegal activities.


Post, broadcast or enter any material that contains viruses or any other malicious software (Trojans, Worms, Logic Bombs, Time Bombs, Keystroke Loggers, Spyware, Adware) or any malicious code, files or other computer programs designed to harm the normal operation of the Service (or Any part of it) or interfere with or limit it, or any other software or computer hardware.


Attempting to gain unauthorized access to the application or any networks, servers or computer systems connected to the application.


Modify, copy, adapt, translate or extract the source code or reverse engineer any part of the application, make any versions derived from the application, or reformat or frame any part of the application pages, except for the limit expressly permitted in these terms or by law.


Licensing, selling, renting, transferring, allocating, distributing, hosting or exploiting services.


You may not remove or destroy any copyright notices or other proprietary marks contained in the application.


Create a database by systematically downloading and storing all or any information on the application.


Accessing any of the services or using them to develop competitive products or services.


Attempt or allow or encourage any other party to do.


Efendim Management reserves the right to:

End your use of the services in the event that you commit any of the acts or practices referred to in this clause, and it is also entitled to take all legal measures against those who violate this policy or other policies included in the application.



Inaccuracies and omissions The information contained in the application may contain typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions regarding the services, prices, descriptions, information and other

Things. We reserve the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions and to discontinue, change or update information at any time without prior notice.



Monitor content


It is not permissible to post, receive, upload, download, use or reuse any materials that do not comply with our approved content standards.


We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to:


Monitor any activities or content on the application or through the services, examine them, or control them in any other way, and we may investigate In any violation of these terms and conditions and to take any action we deem appropriate.


Preventing or restricting any user’s access to the application or services, and informing the relevant authorities of any activity suspected of violating any law or regulation

Basic or applicable regulation, and cooperate with these authorities.


Request any information or data regarding the use of services or access to the application at any time.



Comments and notes


We welcome all comments and comments

And responses about the application and our services, but you cannot add any posts or comments that contain obscene language, or claim that you are another person, or use a fake e-mail.


We reserve the right to use these comments and reviews as we see fit (for example, for the purposes of marketing, promoting or developing services).



Evacuation responsibilaty


Efendim provides the application, services, content and information contained therein, “as is” or “as available” without any guarantees or undertakings of any kind, whether express or implied.


We are not responsible for any damages, losses or expenses arising from:


The use or inability to use the application or the application did not meet your requirements.


Use the application with any incompatible operating system.


The application crashes or stops working; Or not to update the application.


Interfering with or damaging any other application on your device.


Any information, materials or recommendations related to the application.


Any matters beyond our control including, but not limited to, any performance failure, error, omission, interruption, disruption, delay in operation, or due to viruses, incorrect or incomplete data and input information provided on third-party websites that may be related By application, directly or indirectly.


We try our best to ensure that the application is available for use, but we are not responsible for any possible interruption in the service due to – but not limited to – maintenance work, technical problems or any other reasons.


We do not guarantee that the application or its servers will be free from errors, unauthorized access, or that any email sent to you is free of viruses or other harmful components.


In the Efendim app, we may display advertisements, services, pop-up texts, or external links to third-party websites. If you decide to link to any of these third-party sites, you are responsible for that.


We do not make any guarantees or representations about:


Quality of services required (delivery or home maintenance).


Spare parts provided by a home maintenance service provider.


 Delivery representative or means of transport used for delivery.


Restaurants or stores or the quality of any products they offer.


The responsibility for using the information that users receive or access through the application rests with both the people who provide it, or who use it.


We make all reasonable efforts to ensure that all transactions are processed in a timely manner, however we are not committed to the amount of time required to complete the processing of any particular transaction, and also we will not be held responsible for any direct or indirect loss resulting from any such delay.


This disclaimer is an essential part of the usage policy.



Intellectual property rights


All copyrights and all other intellectual property rights and contents Related to the Efendim Application (including but not limited to text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio and video clips, digital uploads, documents, data, software, programming rights and other symbols it contains) (Collectively referred to as “intellectual property”) is the property of Efendim, all of which are protected by global copyright laws.


You must not use any part of the content on the Efendim application for commercial purposes without obtaining a license from us or our licensors to do so. If you print, copy, or download any part of the online application in contravention of this usage policy, your right to use the application will cease immediately.





All trademarks, service marks, logos and trade names appearing on the Efendim App are the property of Efendim.


Nothing contained in the application shall be construed as granting any license or right to use any trademark without the prior written permission of the party who owns the trademark.



 Third-party links

The Efendim App may contain links to other websites, apps and resources provided by third parties.

We do not endorse these links and are not responsible for any content, advertising or other materials available from external sites or resources linked to the services. We are not responsible for transactions between you and any other party. Please review carefully the third-party’s policies and practices and make sure you understand them before entering into any transaction.



Electronic messages


When you use the Efendim app or send emails to us, you are communicating with us electronically, and you agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures, etc.

The communications that we provide to you electronically fulfill any legal requirements as if these communications were in writing.


Your email address is used to send information about our services unless you unsubscribe from such emails by using the unsubscribe link in the emails.


Efendim may provide notices to you as required by law or for marketing or other purposes to the email you provided and / or registered in the application, or by sending a notification through the application.





You agree to defend and indemnify Efendim and its directors, officers, employees, agents, and affiliates of any or all claims, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of or related to or in connection with your use of the Application, or your violation of these Terms and Conditions, or Violation of any property right of any other party.



Termination and cancellation of the agreement


Efendim reserves the right to suspend or restrict your access to the application, and it will not bear any responsibility or obligations towards you in any way if you decide to do so. If you are not satisfied with the application or services, you can terminate this agreement at any time by stopping using the application or Uninstall it, and upon termination the rights and / or licenses granted to you in these Terms will cease unless you are notified otherwise.



This agreement is canceled on its own in case of causing legal problems for us, the parties to this agreement or for others, or if you breach any clause or a paragraph of the terms and conditions of this agreement, or in the event that your information is not documented, or the application’s activity stops. In all the previous cases, we have the right to take legal action against you according to this the agreement if the reason for canceling is due to your breach of its provisions.



Changes and updates

The administration of the application has the right at any time, in its absolute discretion, to change and update the application or the policies governing its work. These changes must be valid from the date they are posted

On the app or send a notification to you by e-mail. Your continued use of the app and our services, following the posting of any changes and notices, constitutes your acceptance of those changes.


19) General provisions


Applicable laws and jurisdiction: These terms and conditions and any dispute between you as a user and Efendim are subject to the laws of the state of Türkiye, and you agree as a user to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Turkish courts.
Same article applies on our users in Algeria according to the algerian laws and regulations.


Settlement of disputes and disputes: Efendim management intervenes only in cases related to the execution or administration of requests, and does not interfere in any personal issues between the parties.


Separability: If any provision of this use policy is deemed illegal, void or unenforceable according to the applicable laws, then this clause is deemed severable from this policy and does not affect the validity and validity of any other remaining articles and will remain in full force and effect.


Full agreement: This policy and other policies and all amendments to it, documents and notices constitute the complete and final agreement between Efendim on the one hand, and anyone who uses any of the features or features of the application and services on the other hand, and they have agreed that they have not relied on any assurances, either verbal or written, to accept This agreement is contrary to the provisions indicated therein.


Relationship: You agree that there is no joint relationship, partnership, employment or agency between Efendim and you as a user (service seekers or service providers) as a result of the terms and conditions or your use of the application and services.


Transfer of rights and obligations: Efendim has the right to transfer all its rights stated in this agreement to others without any objection from the user, and everyone is obligated to implement all their obligations contained in this agreement before the assignee immediately notified of the transfer, and the assignee has the right to take all legal measures before reluctance to implement his obligations Under this agreement.


Prohibition of Assignment: (A) You may not assign your obligations and rights under these terms, or pledge to manage your account to another party without our written consent, and our failure or delay in implementing any of these conditions will not constitute a waiver of our rights against you and does not affect We have the right to claim its performance in the future.

(B) Efendim’s failure to exercise or enforce any right or provision of this Use Policy does not constitute a waiver of that right or provision.


Force Majeure: We do not bear any responsibility for failure or delay in performance when this is caused by circumstances beyond our control or due to force majeure, and we do not bear responsibility in the event of any emergency that leads to the suspension or suspension of the application’s work automatically.


Headings: The headings and captions contained in this agreement are provided for convenience only does not define or describe – in any way – the scope or content of any provision of this agreement.


Language: The terms and conditions are drawn up in the Arabic language, and in the event that they are translated into any other foreign language, the Arabic language is adopted, and they apply to all official and unofficial bodies if they conflict.



Conflict of terms: In the event of any conflict between these terms and any of its previous versions, the current version shall prevail unless otherwise stated in it.



Contact information If you have any questions or comments about this usage policy, you can write to us at:


Email: admin@efendim.biz


Türkiye Office phone: +905510685750


 Algeria Office phone: +213676103520

  • Date of last amendment and revision: August 2022


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All rights reserved to Efendim (licensed and legally registered Company).